Grease Trap Emptying, Cleaning & Supplies

Grease Trap Emptying

Grease traps are found in most premises associated with the preparation of food. They are used to separate fat, oils and grease deposits from the waste water and prevent clogging of pipes and drains. They need to be emptied regularly and cleaned to ensure efficient working, if left unchecked the fats solidify and harden on the inside of pipes and drains and can be costly to clear.

Why install a grease trap?

  • Reduce blockages in sinks, pipes and drains
  • Good hygiene and environmental practice
  • To prevent contamination of small sewage treatment plants
  • To adhere to legislation

Arrow Drainage will empty your grease trap, clean it and leave it in working order.

Degreasing Supplies

Bio degreasing products should be used with your grease trap, these control odours omitted from the grease trap, they keep your grease trap working efficiently and reduce the number of times it needs emptied. We can supply a manual or automatic dispenser and degreaser can be bought in small or 25lt drums.

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