Drain Cleaning Services

Blocked Sewage Pipe

Using high pressure water jets we can clear blocked sewage pipes, remove debris, wipes, building materials, cleaning rods etc from pipes to free up and get sewage flowing again.

Blocked Toilet, Sink, Shower/Bath

Using high pressure water jets we can clear blockages in toilets, sinks, showers/baths in the most awkward of areas. Soap scum and hair can cause blockages, try plunging the plug hole or pouring hot water into it, it’s not a nice job but if that doesn’t work call us and we’ll sort it out at an affordable price for you.

Bad Smell From Drains

Odours from drains in domestic or commercial properties are unpleasant and embarrassing, if you suspect they are from the drains call us and we will resolve the problem for you. It may be just a blockage or need further investigation using smoke testing or a camera survey.

No Callout Charge – reasonable rates

CCTV Survey (Camera Survey)

Sometimes a blockage cannot be cleared by jetting, the pipe may need a camera survey to identify what is causing the blockage, such surveys may identify more extensive problems such as damaged pipes, cracks or obstructions e.g. debris, tree roots, household items entering the pipe all of which can be fixed.  Learn more about CCTV Survey & Pipe Repairs Services >>


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